Our Story

In 1991, my grandparents sold everything in Bangladesh to come to the United States. Wedding saris, Bata shoes, clothes, the black & white Sony box TV, my mother’s only Barbie, their house with the tin roof, and decades worth of gold jewelry that was passed down to my grandmother.

I spent a lot of my life mourning the lost heirlooms. While the girls in middle school wore their mother’s old band t-shirts and listened to their dad’s records from the 70’s, what I had to identify with were stories. I am grateful with what losing those heirlooms afforded my family, but at the same time, wish I had a physical reminder of their story.

Now, thinking of the kids I might have one day, I’ve started to think about what I’d pass down to them. I wouldn’t say my clothes from the mall are a core part of my identity as a Bangladeshi-American. And it wouldn’t feel authentic to buy desi jewelry in Jackson Heights, what about my American side? Like so many others, I am a true third culture kid.

Inspired by children of the diaspora, immigrants, and third culture kids, my jewelry brand, Nath, bridges the gap between the beauty of South Asian maximalism and modern minimalist jewelry. Designed with cultural concepts and crafted sustainably, focusing on wearability and identity, Nath serves as everyday heirlooms to be passed through time.

My goal is to create contemporary, urban pieces that resonate with people. I hope to build an authentic community of diaspora kids, immigrants, children of immigrants, or just anyone who appreciates South Asian culture. Hope you join me on this journey!



Shoma, Founder & CEO