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Devi (Gold)

Devi (Gold)

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Your mom wore them, your grandma wore them, your great grandma wore them. There’s no disputing that the jhumka is timeless.

Introducing Devi, a modern take on the classic jhumka, that honors the past while creating a new tradition that is true to the South Asian diaspora. Devi is a symbol of our personal connection to the people who have adorned jhumkas for centuries.

Crafted with the highest attention to detail, Devi is a modern heirloom designed to be cherished and passed down through generations. Devi represents the connection between past, present, and future.


18K Heavy Gold Plating (1 Micron) on Recycled Brass

Care information

Clean regularly with a soft, damp cloth. To remove tarnish, buff very gently with a polishing cloth. Limit exposure to moisture and store in a dry area.

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